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What Is Seo


What is SEO?
SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the cornerstone of any digital marketing
campaign. It is a measurable and repeatable process of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic on your website. You tell search engines like Google that your website is worth all the traffic and leads through strategically executed SEO strategies and it eventually increases your ROI.

But how does it work?
To maximize the visibility and reach of your website to your target customers, you always have to work strategically to impress search engines. If a search engine likes your website, it will place your website on the first slot of first SERP and everybody will praise you.

How Does Google Assess Content?
Google is smart. It uses certain mathematical procedures called algorithms to
analyze and assess the quality of your website. It considers:
• The quality of your content
• The ability of your content to solve a problem
• Your website’s authority
• The quality of existing traffic on your website
• Links to your website
• User Experience your website offers
• Bounce rate
And so on.

You have to comply with all these demands to secure a higher position in search engines. Once you rank, it doesn’t only increase the quality and quantity of traffic but brings money directly in your pocket.
• If you want to create the content that both Google and your customers love
• Links coming from websites everyone knows about
• The user experience that sticks to the memory of your customers

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