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ABOUT SEO Expert Shayan Aman

Shayan Aman - SEO Expert Dubai

Greetings people!

This is me Shayan Aman, how about having a short introduction to who I am and why have I stepped into this digital era of modernism?

I have completed my graduation in economics and have been working in the SEO industry for the past eight years. I have always been a person diverted towards digital media and have always been fascinated by technology and advancements. Although some of my hobbies include swimming and cricket to obviously keep myself active and going and yes who doesn’t like to work with good and soothing music?

I am a person capable of working both on page and off page optimization to ensure the best ranking and longevity. Also not to forget I am officially certified by Google and ranked amongst THE TOP 10 SEO EXPERTS IN DUBAI. I have worked with several firms but to specify I work from Pakistan, United States of America and United Arab Emirates. I am a truly dedicated person towards my career in digital marketing. I like to work with companies for their long term substantial and sustainable growth. I am here introducing you all to my new venture.

I am a trained and experienced individual who is ready to set his foot into this era of digital marketing. As all of us are aware of the current situation all over the world with a lockdown imposed almost everywhere, all we can see is digital media and its significant future.

People are always looking out for easiest and handiest ways to sit home relax and earn and small businesses will suffer and be racked with pain.

Shayan Aman consultancy, a platform I have launched to help small businesses grow in this digital era. I have gained my working experience for the past 4 years working with multiple agencies and nurturing amidst this chaos, I realized the lack of passion and that my goals couldn’t match theirs. Now when I am out in this digital era of mayhem I realize that we need development, progress headway towards betterment.  We need to get out of manipulation and divert our minds to critical thinking, digitalizing them so that growth is not compromised or hindered due to any sort of interruption. I have seen small businesses suffer the most and that is what made me realize my passion. With my command and proficiency in this digital marketing I want to help these small businesses grow with consistency and to step a foot further in this modern era by means of my platform Shayan Aman SEO consultancy.

I am a person with a potential of critical thinking, with that I would be a good listener to you and will definitely bring you the best of solutions to implement practically in this world of modernization amongst your competitors for you to stand out.

I have stepped into this on my own to change the trends, to make people adapt digital marketing as their future endeavors.

I look forward to working with new people by making this platform a happy place to learn for all of us.

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