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SEO: Here’s a list of 41 Basics that your site definitely needs

Worried about finding the right SEO basics for your site to rank higher on Google and increase its reach? We have got you covered! Here is a detailed list of SEO practices, that fits the best for your site.


Why let your limited knowledge of SEO stop your website from getting a higher rank. These few basics will help you understand what your site needs. From the basic keyword search to on-page and off-page SEO, here is the right guidance you need to understand the basics.


  1. Get to know overall insights of the site by setting up the essential tools

Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools are two very useful tools that provide in-depth insights into the site’s organic reach and which give a better idea of its performance.

  1. Start using Google Analytics

Google Analytics will help you understand the engagement and traffic on the site.

  1. Install an SEO plugin on the Browser

While using WordPress, it is advisable to add the SEO plugin as your CMS. This provides all the features needed to optimize your site.

  1. Create a Sitemap

Sitemaps are essential as Google uses them to decide the ranking of the site. It is important to specify the main purpose of the site in the URL for it to match the right keywords.

  1. Make a Robots.txt. file of your site

Making a Robots.txt file prevents the web crawlers from accessing specific sections of your site and keeps it protected.

  1. Keep a track of your Manual Actions in the Search Console

Certain manual actions can adversely affect your site. To avoid it, check up on the manual actions tab in Google Search Console.

  1. Try to get your site indexed by the Google

Quite often, developers end up de-indexing the site which can be avoided by using tools such as SEMrush site audit tool, to make sure your site gets indexed.


Keyword Search Dubai

Keyword Search


  1. Find out who your competitors are

Use SEMrush domain overview to run your domain and identify who your potential and existing competitors are.

  1. Identify your main keywords

Find out about the keywords that your site needs to generate sales and organic reach. For this purpose, the Keyword Overview tool can be skillfully used.

  1. Look for long-tail variations in keywords

Keyword strategy must include long-tail keywords which can be simply generated through the keyword magic tool.

  1. Generate a keyword map for your site

Now that you have identified the right keyword, you should map it out and try to find any gaps that might be existing.


  1. Research well on the pages that rank

The content of your site must be in line with what the searcher is looking for. For this purpose, understand the intent of the content that ranks higher on Google.

  1. Find the questions that are usually asked by your audience

Knowing these questions can help in structuring your site’s content

  1. Keep in mind how getting ranked for your keywords is not as easy as it sounds

Be patient! A new website will take some time in achieving the milestone.

Technical SEO in Dubai


Technical SEO


  1. Use the HTTPS format for your site

HTTPS has been known as the ranking factor since 2014. Therefore, there is no excuse of not using the HTTPS format while aiming for a rank.

  1. Keep a check of the duplicate versions of your site

You should be allowing only one version of your site on Google. The most commonly used format is

  1. Watch out for Crawl errors!

Use Google Search console to identify and eradicate crawl errors.

  1. Increase the speed of your site

For a better user experience, your site should load quickly.

  1. Fix all the broken links

Broken links can come as a major disappointment to the user. Get them fixed as soon as possible!

  1. Identify the HTTP links present on the HTTPS pages and get them fixed!

While most sites have switched from HTTP to HTTPS, there might still be some remaining. Try to identify these and get them fixed.

  1. Structure your site in a mobile-friendly way

The world has evolved and users prefer using the service through the mobile. Keep your site mobile-friendly and easy to use.

  1. Make sure your URL is SEO friendly

Keep your URL to the point and easy to understand, without any usage of underscores.

  1. Include structured data to the site

Structure data is useful in bringing the organic reach to the site.

  1. Look out for the page depth of your site

Make sure the page is not more than 3 clicks deep or else it can negatively impact the user’s experience.

  1. Keep the Temporary 302 Redirects away!

Redirects and page errors can be a hassle of the user. Get them fixed for a better experience for the user.

  1. Identify the redirect chains and loops and get them fixed

Users should not be sent to multiple redirect chains which end up in a loop.


On-page SEO in UAE

 On-page SEO


  1. Look for the duplicate and missing title tags

Title tags being the very basics of SEO should be taken care of. Duplicated or elongated title tags should not be found.

  1. Identify and fix the duplicate and missing Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions should not be found as duplicated as they are shown right under the title tag

  1. Look for multiple H1 tags and get them fixed

Since H1 is the content’s main heading, there should only be one of it. Get the others removed

  1. Use relatable Title tags, meta tags, and the page content

This can make it easier for you to reach out to your intended audience.

  1. Audit and Prune the content

Make sure that the content on the site that isn’t adding any value to the site, and is not bringing enough gains should be removed.

  1. While using images, use the ALT tags

Make sure the images are optimized as well through the size and the quality.

  1. Improvise the Internal Linking of the site

Internal links aren’t paid much attention. However, improving them can bring additional gains to the site.

  1. Identify the Cannibalization Issues and get them fixed

The issue of intent of the page can cause hindrance in achieving the objectives. Get them down!

  1. Identify the Orphaned pages and get them fixed

Look out for orphaned pages in sitemaps in the site audit report and make sure all the pages are linked to each other.

  1. Make sure your site is up to date

Outdated sites are no longer appreciated! It is important to keep up with the trend.

Off Page SEO in Dubai


Off-page SEO


  1. Analyze the Competitor’s link profile

Research well on the competitor’s link profile as well as the content to be able to produce something exceptional that outranks them.


  1. Do an intersect link analysis

This will help you to benefit from the opportunities your competitors might be enjoying.

  1. Convert Unlinked mentions into Links

Keep your PR team busy in finding article related to your business but are not linked.

  1. Keep searching for new link building opportunities

Use the link building tool to look out for new links that might be related to your site.

  1. Make sure you optimize Google My Business after setting it up

Make sure you are listed on Google My Business, otherwise all the effort will be of use!